Knotty & Nice is a creative outlet for myself, Grace Lilly based in Victoria, B.C. What was initially a distraction from an injury back in March 2017 quickly became a full blown passion project. Discovering and creating fibre art has been my escape and a place for me to lose myself; and to let go of the ideals behind figuring it all out.

Under "FIND ME" you can follow along for local shops and markets where my macrame will be available, shop my online shop or come learn the trade yourself! Knotty & Nice is now hosting workshops! With my desire to connect and share my passion with others, as well as the fact that I am currently completing my Bachelors in Education; workshops felt like a harmonious next move for Knotty & Nice.

When I’m not creating macrame you can find me at the beach beachcombing for treasures, tending to my 56(ish) houseplants at home or playing in the sunshine with loved ones.

Stay Knotty friends,

Grace Lilly